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Patrícia Abreu is a Brazilian Visual Artist who mixes multiple techniques in the realization of her works. As a Designer, with background in Photography and professional experience in Art Direction for TV Series, she moves fluently through different languages in her search for original expression. 

- - - For me, Photography is a form of self-expression, which allows me to access, through lenses, a wider world, without borders, where images build stories, new narratives and memories -  -  - 

Graduated in Graphic Design at PUC-RJ in 1991, she worked for 15 years in Art Direction, Props and Costume Design for Audiovisual Dramaturgy.

-  -  -
Currently, she rescues her photographic exercise to express her conceptual and formal artistic views, Using her experience with Graphic Design, she constructs images through Macrophotography, that also embraces digital interferences, looking for new approaches in her visual artistic expression.

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