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The GOLDEN LIQUID SILVER Series, 2019, features “Portraits of 2 Rivers".

The GOLDEN COLLECTION features photographs of the Colorado River in Utah and the SILVER COLLECTION features photographs of the Merced River in California, both in the USA.

In them, these magical waterways carry, on their icy surfaces, contours and colors from above. Pieces of sky and ridges of floating rocks, painting the partially frozen waters with deep mineral hues. Highlighting contrasts between the monochromy of  "Granite Giants" and the vivid reds, yellows and purples of the Sandstone color palette of western North America.

Poetic images of a Heaven that crosses the Earth, leaving its traces reflected in the surface of those rivers that slept peacefully.

- - - Ethereal Mirrors of Water, Fire, Earth and Air - - -

12 - 879A2584_1red.jpg

This Series reminds me that I was there ...letting an unfamiliar landscape take an intimate space inside me, like a whole truth, realized in an instant, even if you hadn’t looked at it before. 

- - - These images are imprinted

my body, my heart and my memories

for all times - - -

Where the River flows

the Mountain

crumbles its dry surface,

melting into frozen skin.

A frame of upper views,

dipped in watery earth...


Watery Skies, 2019

- Patrícia Abreu

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