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"The construction of images captured photographically, as instruments of visualization of imprecise worlds to our naked eyes. Both for the light that passes through the lenses that deform and magnify, and for the unconventional investigation of the chosen subject. All the imprecise questions and subtle answers faced on this journey, leave me more than fascinated by contemporary photographic practice and the future of image-making."


Patrícia Abreu is a Brazilian visual artist who mixes multiple techniques in the realization of her works, moving fluently through different languages in her search for original expression. Currently, she rescues the practice of Photography as a conceptual, formal and artistic exercise. Themes about Time, Memory and the Natural World are constant presences in her work.

With a degree in Graphic Design and professional experience in Art Direction for Audiovisual Dramaturgy, she uses her trained background to compose narratives of great visual impact through her sensitive images. 

Always interested in mysteries shaped by light, which cross visible surfaces, involving what we see and blurring what we imagine, in metaphorical approaches that can eventually reach an imagery abstraction. 



2023 - TIFA - Abstract Photography Professional Category - HM

2023 - PX3 - Abstract Photography Professional Category - HM

2023 - 20th Julia Magaret Cameron Aw - 1 Category Winner & 2 HM

2023 - Premio Arte Critica Per Explora 

2022 - reFocus Aw - One Shot Aw & B&W Aw - Finalist 

2022 - Chromatic Aw - Abstract Photography Professional Category - HM

2022 - TIFA - Abstract Photography Professional Category - Finalist

2022 - Envision Arts Amber III - Best in Show



2023 - The Chateau Gallery

2023 - Al-Tiba9 Gallery

2023 - Decagon Gallery

2023 - Galeria Azur Berlin

2023 - Espace Vision'Art

2023 - Make Art Gallery

2023 - M.A.D.S. Art Gallery

2023 - ICON Artes Galeria

2023/2022 - EIXO Arte Gallery

2023/2022 - ARTDOC Magazine

2023/2022 - LoosenArt Gallery

2022 - Collect Art Gallery

2022 - Heclectik Art Gallery



2023 - Al-Tiba9 Contemporary Art Magazine - Issue 13 

2023 - Collect Art 1-Year Anniversary Book and Magazines

2021 - Uppercase Magazine #50

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“I’m interested in the mysteries of Nature life, which is covered beyond the visible surfaces that envelopes what we see and blur what we imagine”.

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