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Half Lies are Half Truths  

The HALF LIES ARE HALF TRUTHS series is part of the UNREAL TRUTHS PROJECT and represents an "Inventory of a Place of Memory”, containing the reminiscences and traces of a life frozen in Time.

Through the fragmented imagery to which the UNREAL TRUTHS PROJECT is directed, I bring to this new Collection, images and feelings about displacement, sensations of rupture and disconnection, in order to evoke a "Dystopia of Abandonment". In this refusal to choose a single interpretation for each image, merging them continuously to construct an illusion of captured reality, I try to pose questions between acquired certainties and pre-established aesthetics, always confronting two realities of the same truth.


Are half lies half truths?

How do others prefer to name what they only half know?



A disruptive narrative 

of a place still dressed 

in corrupted memories. 

When the passage of time

brings an alienated interaction

between people passing  

and people who passed,  

addressing feelings of abandonment

and displacement. 

Without persons, 

only nature will rest. 


- - - THE COLLECTION - - -


HALF LIES ARE HALF TRUTHS series - SESSION 06 Exhibition - Galeria Azur Berlin - Sep, 2023

Available on Artsy - Patrícia Abreu

Galeria Azur Berlin - Patrícia Abreu

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