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Unreal Truths Project 

UNREAL TRUTHS is an ongoing Photographic Project, built through my personal interpretation of the unexpected results obtained by the interaction between technological interfaces, forming a Collection of Digital Photomontages that comprise abstract feelings through their corrupted forms.


The Project is composed of several series, each one formed by images grouped by their similarities, which can be manifested through subject, theme, place, light source, color field, captured moment and so on.  They are listed on the next pages.


Their names are:

“Half Lies are Half Truths”, “Petroleum” and “Factitious”.

Here are some of the imagery of this Collection.

FACADE A3 F3D1.jpg




Dreamlike Places. 

We just float in lightness. 

We only glimpse the Future 

looking at the blue sky. 

We only understand

the  Present, 

by turning to the Past. 


- - - THE COLLECTION - - -

© 2022 by Patrícia Abreu. All rights reserved.

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