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The FOOTPRINTS Series consists of a group of images, captured in February 2020, that presents some environmental concerns. It shows us the traces of a workday left by a group of rural workers in the sugarcane fields of an agricultural farm in the interior of Minas Gerais, during a rainy summer in Brazil.  Remnants of seasonal work in a land that man no longer loves...

- - - Traces of disenchantment - - -

Photos taken with my Canon Mark II, 100mm Lens.

“ Deixar os substantivos passarem anos no esterco,

   deitados de barriga,

   até que eles possam carrear para o poema

   um gosto de chão

   - - - como cabelos desfeitos no chão

   - - - ou como o bule de Braque

   - - - áspero de ferrugem, mistura de azuis e ouro

   - - - um amarelo grosso de ouro da terra,

   carvão de folhas.”


Manuel de Barros ​

- - - The still and the unanimated, both remain in the skin of the earth,

but only one will become its substance - - -

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