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The light was pure


The ECHOING HUMANITY Series, talks about transience. 

When facing ephemerality, we see our uncertain Future . . . 

. . . 150 years of prosperity materializing in an accumulation of dust. 

When time stands still, we can see not only our Past, but also our Future.

Then, the desert dirt turned into snow dust, brings those dystopian images from this vast empty landscape.

Facing abandonment made me think that the discoveries bring changes and these changes carry possible futures. In this lost place, those ancient founds, make me see Time in silence. Realizing how discoveries can change our environment, turning our horizons into transposed memories.


- - - This Series of photographs was taken in Cisco, Utah-USA, in January 2019 - - -

- - - In a city raised by discoveries,

Time makes itself present in derelict machines - - -

- - - Sometimes,

the discoveries open new paths, 

other times they lead you astray, 

causing the risk

of immersing yourself 

in a discarded world,

filled by the silent solitude 

that inhabits a snowy white desert - - - 

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