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The MILKY WAY Series is a Collection of 12 images formed from Macro Photographs of  "Calla Lilies" ( called "Copo de Leite" - which means “Milk Glasses" in Portuguese), which through Digital Art interventions, formed a Botanical Work of Art that mixes classical aesthetics and innovative concepts to give rise to new  images.

In this new artistic approach, the garden flowers, wet after the rainy days, were "digitally harvested", that is, photographed in their natural environment, in their reflected light, in their essence, thus allowing, after a meticulous compositional process, the emergence of new forms.

- - - an individualized aesthetic process of creating abstract images

from photographic captures of the nature - - -

The work came together around feelings of loss, Initially named BLACK HOLES, that touched the holes which can be part of us from afar...

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