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Factitious presents a Collection of images that carry the same precepts of the Unreal Truths Project, but with a difference in relation to the original captures. Its RAW files were obtained by photographing, with the same iPhone 13 Pro Max, a television screen that showed glitch artifacts from failures in its transmission.

It happened by chance. The true unpredictable Macroblocking artifacts, appearing on the television in the hotel room where I stayed in Rome. Capturing my attention, amusing me, giving me the chance to photograph this peculiar situation and work on the images the following month, at home, in October 2022.

Factitious #15.jpg



rather than natural. 


Affectedly, Affectation. 


Pretense, Prejudice. 


Repeatedly, Rooted. 


Forged , Facsimile 


- - - THE COLLECTION - - -

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