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Petroleum - - -

The PETROLEUM series is made up of 6 Photomontages that can be grouped into 3 Diptychs or 2 Triptychs.


They are part of the UNREAL TRUTHS PROJECT, which investigates representations of reality in the current era of algorithms. A Project started at the beginning of 2022, which includes ongoing series composed of Digital Photomontages that superimpose several files from the same photographic capture, always carried out with an IPhone 13 Pro Max.



Liquid fire melting, 


What burns 

and does not extinguish. 

Walk, float, invade. 

Elemental fuel in creation

and destruction. 

Material contradictions. 


- - - THE COLLECTION - - -

SESSION 06 Exhibition - Galeria Azur Berlin - Sep, 2023

Galeria Azur Berlin - Patrícia Abreu

Available on Artsy - Patrícia Abreu

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